Sporting organisations have seen significant growth in the resources and effort required to manage club registrations, payments, organising groups and events, and increasingly, compliance. To help reduce the administrative burden, a number of industry solutions have been developed and clubs have seen an evolution from paper based systems, to spreadsheets and PC-based applications and more recently, web based systems that store information online.

Existing solutions are typically available in two forms - systems with limited functionality that are available at low-cost, or customised systems that require substantial time and budget to develop and maintain. Furthermore, customised systems can usually only be extended by the developer of the original application, meaning that clubs cannot use their own expertise or resources to extend or customise the platform themselves.

ZEDSPORT has been designed with one simple goal - to build a cost effective platform that is fully customisable and extensible to address the requirements of organisations of all sizes, from grassroots clubs right through to national governing bodies with a single open platform.

ZEDSPORT maintains a rich feature set that aims to be a pleasure to use and not get in the way of how sporting organisations operate by increasing engagement through improved collaboration, multichannel communications, full integration with social networking and fully accessible from mobile and tablet devices.