ZEDSPORT is designed to be a pleasure to use and provide the right functionality for sporting organisations of all sizes - whether it be the small grassroots club, or a large national governing body that encompasses state, regional and local entities.

By establishing itself at all levels of sporting organisations, ZEDSPORT is able to build a more flexible platform that supports the needs of all organisations without time consuming and costly customisation that often creates barriers that are simply too high to overcome.

By making it straightforward for organisations and clubs of all sizes to set up and use, they will take advantage of the cloud economics associated with the ZEDSPORT platform. Organisations simply pay for the features they require without wasted investment in customisations and tools that they will never use.

As ZEDSPORT is adopted by more and more sporting organisations, the architecture of the platform enables clubs to take advantage of the increased economies of scale, thereby significantly reducing the costs endured today on operating traditional solutions.