Disrupting the broken, traditional model of application development, ZEDSPORT is the only Cloud Platform as a Service for Sporting Organisations

ZEDSPORT is not software or even Software as a Service (SaaS), it's what's known as a Platform as a Service (PaaS). The Platform as a Service (PaaS) model provides all of the cloud infrastructure and software. Instead of developers building everything from scratch and 'blowing out their budgets' in the process, PaaS serves as a building tool that cuts software development time substantially and offers a foundation whereby innovation and fresh ideas can be physically built and incorporated almost instantaneously.

Just as eBay, Google, Facebook and YouTube have made it possible to access new innovations and markets through a web browser, PaaS offers a faster, more cost-effective model for application development and delivery than ever before possible.

Unlike traditional sports club management software which start and end life as a single instance application, ZEDSPORT customers benefit from the fact that they're operating from an evolving open platform that enjoys constant development and enhancement, not a customised variation of software that remains static.

ZEDSPORT is developing a thriving marketplace for specialist developers to build apps that integrate with the ZEDSPORT platform. Club administrators will enjoy the familiar feel and economics of adding apps from developers who specialise in software for specific areas of sports administration to their platform and paying only for what they use.

PaaS is enjoying massive growth in many industries as it drives a new era of mass innovation and business agility. Organisations no longer have to wait months for sophisticated tools to be developed to support their requirements of today.